Door To Summer (Natsu no Tobira)
Triple Ocarina | Umineko OST Cover

Umineko OST meets Metal Triple Ocarina

Time for an all-new Umineko no Naku Koro ni rock cover. Yeah, you read right.
As seasonal boundaries begin to blur, the ocarina blooms and creates a Door between the classic Ocarina Heavy Metal Remix and J-Rock Ocarina.
This song was lovingly performed on a triple ocarina and two different 7 string guitars.


10 Facts You Should Know About Door To Summer

  1. First ever recorded 7 string guitar performance, and also
  2. First ever recorded triple ocarina performance by Gin, as "The Botanist", who first appeared in this MV as a protag.
  3. This MV was filmed in 3 different seasons, 2 cities and multiple types of weather.
  4. It is Gin's first MV to feature ducks and rain.
  5. The filming and recording took 354 days, counting from the date of dai kindly giving his permission to showing dai the finished video.
  6. The Botanist's face is never actively shown.
  7. Cut at 131 seconds, it is Gin's shortest (but dare I say sweetest?) MV to date. Makes sense, considering how long dai's original Natsu no Tobira is.
  8. Door To Summer's release was set just in time for Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ Stage of the Golden Witch ~.
  9. Door To Summer was Gin's first MV to "premiere" on YouTube, as opposed to just being published. And due to how the stars aligned, Gin ended up missing the exact few minutes of this premiere. Curiously, perhaps this particular occurrence is actually more in line with The Botanist's personality.
  10. The ocarina in Door To Summer **** *** *****.


Today's Special Message From Gin

Thank you so much for waiting, everyone. Remember to subscribe for more Umineko OST covers♰
Look forward to the next fragment, my dear Witches and Spectators.
Thank you also for participating in the first ever YouTube Premiere chat of Gin's channel. My replies to you all are pinned in the comment section of the video.

Now, let's celebrate the first Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ Stage of the Golden Witch ~!



Door To Summer: Epitaph

The Botanist's to-do list is quite long, and then some.
Certainly, he already noticed that the Door To Summer works both ways.
However... Does he realize?

Does he understand that there is no turning back?
That he has gone through this Door god knows how many times?

Yet again, the Door To Summer announces the onset of a new journey.
But as we know, the sweet sound of this song is ephemeral at best.

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The Man Who Let Me Borrow His Guitar Metal "Cybergrind" Brø
Additional Camera Kat★
Videographer, Editor & The Botanist Gin Kreuz

Lead Instrument

ID Springsinger
Type Multi-chamber transverse ocarina | a.k.a. sweet-potato ocarina
Range Triple range | a.k.a. triple ocarina
Material Clay
Tuning Alto C


Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Umineko: When They Cry) © Ryukishi07 / 07th Expansion (竜騎士07)
Door To Summer (夏の扉) © dai
Door To Summer (夏の扉)—Ocarina Heavy Metal Remix Cover © Gin Kreuz

Database Info

Album Umineko no Naku Koro ni: New Gin Kreuz Remix Collection
Track No. 3

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