Fishy Aroma (Usan no Kaori)
Ocarina Heavy Metal Remix | Umineko OST Cover

Umineko. Fishy Aroma. Double Ocarina. Music and Magick.

This rather unusual Umineko OST Cover was released at 07th Expansion Party 7.
A highly mysterious man performs an impossible piece on a double ocarina.
Known as the Phantom Pipe, the instrument he plays is said to produce music that cannot exist.


10 Facts You Should Know About Fishy Aroma

  1. First ever MV by Gin to be recorded in Germany.
  2. Second recorded double ocarina performance by Gin, as "[REDACTED]", who debuted in this MV as a protag.
  3. Only the shadiest camerawork and most suspicious lighting situations were used so as to capture the essence of the track, including: colored lighting, a variety of camera angles, filming past dusk, and standing alone in the middle of a path in the park in broad daylight.
  4. Luck Ganriki informed Gin that, even though, for Japanese people, the expression "usankusai" (i.e. "fishy") can be difficult to explain precisely, he believes that this MV is absolutely stuffed with "fishy". Therefore, if somebody ever asks you what "fishy" means, you will know what video to send 'em.
  5. One of the spicy techniques used for Gin's Fishy Aroma was an anamorphic lens, which helped create the illusory effects seen in a number of scenes.
  6. During one of the shots, Gin's camera moved all by itself. Gin happily utilized this footage in the video.
  7. The papaya in "papaya market", which was mentioned in the intro, is a nod to the lyrics of Usan no Kaori ~ Vocal ver.
  8. If you took Usan no Kaori's lyrics and sang along with this MV, "Yahoo! Pa Pa Ya" would always synchronize with the slo-mo shot of Gin's hand, cutting to a close-up of the ocarina. This is because Gin thought that even a double ocarina could resemble a papaya if viewed from a certain angle.
  9. Fishy Aroma is the only of Gin's MVs to date whose protagonist is seen wearing glasses.
  10. It is also the first MV to star two guest actors: Blackie the Cat and Kat★.


Today's Special Message From Gin

This song plays in my head every time I receive a letter or "borrow" an experimental musical instrument from [REDACTED].
For the curious: I played the double ocarina for this, but its range was not enough... And consequently, some notes in this MV don't actually exist. That's right. Some of the notes you heard cannot be played on a double ocarina, only on a triple. It was but an illusion. Guess which?
Happy listening to the second Umineko cover and see you in the next fragment♰

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Fishy Aroma: Epitaph

Ladies and gentlemen, [REDACTED] here with a huge announcement.
Science has been keeping something from you behind closed curtains.
They call it the Phantom Pipe (code: [REDACTED]).
What do you call this? Transparent science? Accessible science?
Only my cat here knows the secrets.
Let me tell you: there is nothing transparent about the Pipe.
It is full of magickal energy.
If you let me, I will show you the magick.

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Additional Camera Metal "Cybergrind" Brø
White Cat Blackie
Vasilisa Krasnaya (Newscaster) Kat★
Videographer, Editor & [REDACTED] Gin Kreuz

Lead Instrument

ID Double-8
Type Multi-chamber transverse ocarina | a.k.a. sweet-potato ocarina
Range Double range | a.k.a. double ocarina
Material Purple clay
Tuning Alto C


Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Umineko: When They Cry) © Ryukishi07 / 07th Expansion (竜騎士07)
Fishy Aroma (胡散の香り) © Luck Ganriki (ラック眼力)
Fishy Aroma (胡散の香り)—Ocarina Heavy Metal Remix Cover © Gin Kreuz

Database Info

Album Umineko no Naku Koro ni: New Gin Kreuz Remix Collection
Track No. 2

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